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e-cigaretteThe innovation that has almost single-handedly taken up the market for supplements which help you quit smoking, the e cigarette is finding its stock and popularity rising very quickly. What has lead to this massive boom in demand?

Anyone who’s attempted to kick the habit may have encountered nicotine patches, chewing gum and lozenges with differing results. Some people find them ideal whereas others aren’t so keen. This is where the e cigarette really captures the market; an easy, affordable solution for all.

It couldn’t be simpler to use. All you require is the main device and the cartridges to put in them and it’s as straightforward as that – a great change from other long-winded alternatives. The cartridges themselves have a longer life than regular smoking as one of them produces on average at least 100 cigarettes! If you find out the costs with someone who smokes twenty cigarettes a day, they would spend (on estimate) around £37.80 in the space of  5 days. Now, comparing this to an e cigarette owner, one 100 cigarette cartridge equivalent will cost you less than £10 over 5 days!

As for the workings of the e cigarette, they are as innovatively made as they are cost-efficient to you. Upon inhaling from the device, the miniscule battery atomiser inside converts the liquid nicotine into vapour and the ‘hit’ when taking it back is very similar. This strips away your intake of carcinogenics; regularly cited as the most damaging aspect of regular cigarettes. Want to keep that real cigarette experience? Many e cigarettes light up at the tip to simulate the normal act and you can exhale the vapour afterwards for a similar effect.

There are more than just health advantages for which to transition to e cigarettes as well. Now that winter’s approaching and the sky gets back to that familiar grey colour, you could be forgiven for not wanting to go outside in the weather. Well, as e cigarettes aren’t recognised under the No Smoking laws, you can puff away in the comfort of a pub or any public place with no hassle.

With so many advantages in financial and health terms, why not make the switch to an e cigarette today?

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The E Cigarette
If you are enjoying smoking an e cigarette as opposed to the traditional option, you aren't the only one as people worldwide are turning to them.