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If you are a cigar enthusiast, then it’s worth taking care of your cigars and humidity is a factor that Humidorsyou have to take into consideration. Humidity is a very important factor when considering cigar preservation, otherwise you can get into the position where your cigars are damaged which would detract from the taste or even worse, lead to it being un-smokable. What could be more disheartening than quality cigars getting damaged, simply because of not having  the right equipment? You can prevent all this by using cigar humidors.

Cigars should be kept at humidity between 68% and 74%, the ideal level being 72%. Cigars need to be kept in an environment which is neither too dry nor too moist. Keep in mind that the ideal room temperature for a cigar is 17°C.

Humidors can use different methods to work and have various levels of effect. For example the hair humidors, the spring style humidor, are probably one of the cheapest kinds but not quite as accurate while the hair humidors can achieve actual humidity to extreme accuracy. Two kinds of hair humidors are offered, including natural hair and synthetic hair. They are both very accurate, however the synthetic kind take less maintenance and calibration, so it may be a more viable option in that respect in comparison to the natural type.

If you are a serious cigar smoker you should definitely be aware of the benefits of using humidors. A great humidor will warn you when the current humidity is harming your cigars, which is of the utmost importance. After all, would anyone want their expensive cigars all dried out and brittle? If you are an avid cigar smoker, you need to reinforce your passion with nothing but the best by not sparing expense. However, a more casual smoker may be advised to get a cheaper variant.

Article Name
Cigar Humidors and their Uses
Cigars can fetch quite the price so it's important that you use the best accessories, like cigar humidors, to get the most out of them.