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 peterson pipesLooking for a pipe that’s been carefully crafted and designed to provide you with the most comfortable smoke possible?

Peterson Pipes are revered for the great ‘Peterson System’, which provides an unparalleled smoking experience. The design is so popular that it is often imitated, however it is never equalled, providing an ideal smoke; cool dry and sweet.

The pipe features an innovative bore in the mouthpiece which allows the moisture to flow into the reservoir, keeping it well away from the smoker’s mouth.

The Peterson pipe features a ‘p-lip’ where the tongue can comfortably sit on the mouthpiece. This signature ‘P-lip’ also works to increase the effectiveness of the graduated bore by directing the flow of smoke upwards.

This prevents any tongue-bite or bitterness caused by any hot wet smoke.  The P-lip his held in high esteem as a massive success in smoking engineering, and you really can feel the difference between p-lip equipped pipes and more conventional pipes.

The Peterson is considered to be the finest in smoking equipment; they have strict regulations to ensure that only the highest quality briarwood makes it into the final product!

Peterson Pipes should definitely be considered if you are looking for a new pipe, they would not have attained a reputation of this level if they didn’t make fantastic pipes.

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