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pipeUpon purchasing a new pipe and pipe tobacco to go with it, it needs to be broken in. This involves filling a bowl and drawing gently, allowing the charring process to slowly happen, this hardens the pipe.

You then need to fill the pipe by holding it upright, taking a pinch of pipe tobacco and sprinkle it into the bowl of the pipe until it is filled, then tamp it down gently, repeat this until the bowl is full. Draw in through the pipe before you start lighting, ensuring that there aren’t any blockages, and failure to properly fill up this might cause the pipe to burn too harshly, which can lead to tongue bite, which is a stinging on the top of the tongue.

When lighting the pipe, use a special pipe lighter or alternatively, a wooden match, petrol lighters can however cause unappealing taste and smell, ruining your smoking experience. Firstly char the top of the tobacco, allowing the flame to catch. This is called the ‘charring light’ and aims to set the tobacco alight without incurring any harm to the bowl. Tamp this charred tobacco down before applying another, second flame puff this gently as you light the tobacco.

If you leave the tobacco it will go out, this isn’t an issue however because you can just relight the tobacco, if you feel moisture through the pipe simply push a pipecleaner through the flue of the pipe. After simply tamp and relight the tobacco if it has gone out.

Well cared for pipes last for years, even improving with age like a fine wine. To ensure this happens however you must maintain your pipe. Never refill your pipe when it is warm, you must wait until it has cooled down. Hold your pipe by the bowl when you are cleaning it out. Don’t tap it against the wall or anything else.

A thin layer of carbon will start to develop right after you start smoking on the inside of the bowl, its important that this layer doesn’t get more than 1.5mm thick or It risks the bowl cracking.

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How to Smoke Pipe Tobacco
New to pipe smoking? There are some key things to remember to help you get the most out out of your pipe tobacco and here they are...