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cigarWhen someone takes up smoking cigars, a lot of the time they get very worried about the specifics of cigar smoking, which is understandable. I mean it’s only common sense to do a bit of research before you start anything. However, new cigar smokers need not worry so much when starting out, it’s easy to get anxious and over concerned with the specifics.

For example, some beginner cigar smokers think that they would are going to destroy the cap and the cigar would just completely fall apart in their hands. Resorting to using a punch or V cutter for years – there’s nothing wrong with this, but the concern isn’t needed! Just be mindful of how you are cutting, don’t do it too far down and there’s no issue, it’s not too difficult.

There’s also massive controversy and differences on opinion of cellophane. The truth of it is that cellophane’s been used for decades, and it helps protect the cigar. In transit it prevents any interference from external forces. It slows down the transfer of air and the aging process, without stopping it completely.

Manufacturers vary, some use it, others don’t and while some smokers have a preference if they have been in cellophane or not, most smokers just take it how it comes. But the bottom line is don’t worry so much, think about it; if you are taking it too seriously then you are missing the whole point of cigar smoking: to enjoy yourself.

Also, remember, everyone is different, some people like a certain kind of cigar and others don’t so much. So if everyone’s raving about a certain type of cigar and you don’t see the appeal, don’t worry so much! At the same time don’t adopt a favourite right off the bat, sample certain kinds of tobacco, explore a selection of different sizes, different origins. A lot of the time smokers experience an evolution, so what you enjoy now, in a year’s time you might have a totally different opinion on, and a new favourite.

The most important thing to remember though is: Relax and enjoy it!

Article Name
Smoking Cigars For the First Time
If you're a first time smoker of cigars, there may be a few reasons that you have to keep an eye out for before you light up.