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Tommaso Spanu Zebrano Pipe 02

Tommaso Spanu Zebrano Pipe 02

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Zebrano is a heavy, hard wood with a somewhat coarse texture, often with an interlocked or wavy grain. A decorative wood, it is also used in a limited way for veneer, furniture trim, marquetry and turnery. It is also sometimes seen as stocks of shotguns and rifles or in exotic guitars. In the past it was used in Cadillac and Mercedes Benz cars. It also lends itself extremely well to smoking pipes, and is just as durable as the more traditional Briar, but with added flair and individuality. This particular pipe is large in size, has a smooth polished flat bottomed bowl with an inner diamater of 21mm and bowl height of 50mm. Does not take a filter and comes with a clear yellow acrylic mouthpiece. Weight of pipe is approx. 69g. Boxed.


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