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Tommaso Spanu Sughero Pipe 02

Tommaso Spanu Sughero Pipe 02

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Tommaso Spanu are the only pipe manufacturer that produces these unique, striking and quite simply outstanding pipes. The process is laborious and can only be done by hand but produces something really special that you will cherish for years. A high grade block of Spanu home grown briar is shaped and clad with natural oak cork before being fitted with a wonderful marbled mouthpiece which compliments the pipe beautifully. The pipe has the briar left exposed on the rim and the shank for a contrasting effect against the cork. The cork is a robust coating, which is very comfortable to hold but also aids in cooling the pipe. A thick rimmed pipe, has an inner diamater of 20mm and bowl height of 45mm. Does not take a filter and comes with a brown acrylic mouthpiece. Weight of pipe is approx. 60g. Boxed


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